Striking the Balance – Compliance and Productivity

Compliance is not an optional part of today’s legal world, but a foundation that your entire firm is built around. It’s the exact same situation across the globe; compliance is very much the order of the day. Battles are fought around money laundering, the protection of client funds, unauthorised legal business and more, and for many firms the burden of compliance seems to get in the way of sheer productivity. But does it have to be like this? More to the point, should it be like this? We’d say not.What is Compliance All About?

Fundamentally, legal compliance is all about complying with laws and regulations in order to minimise the chance of a risk as much as possible. Many people focus so much upon the former that they completely overlook the fact that compliance is all for a reason, and a very good one at that.

Another truism that gets overlooked is the fact that effective compliance is always about the application of common sense. In situations where compliance seems to be getting in the way of productivity, the honest-to-god-truth is that you’re probably doing it wrong. This is pretty much the crux of our argument; compliance is all about doing things the right way, and doing things the ‘right way’ is naturally going to bring about productivity as a consequence. It stands to reason, really.
Case Study – Technology Compliance

Take the related area of technology compliance. Such businesses are required by law to protect against breaches in the systems, and the standards of compliance in this area naturally need to be very strict indeed. However, you would never accuse this of being negative towards productivity. When you think about it, a single breach in the confidentiality of systems can bring the reputation of your firm crashing down around your ears, and that’d be a blow that you might never overcome.
Upholding Compliant Practices

It’s exactly the same with legal compliance. The rules are there to safeguard against pitfalls that could be the ruin of your firm, and that should be enough to dispel any myths about compliance stifling productivity. As a result, you’re probably now wondering how best to go about adhering to compliant practices, and also ensuring that your staff understand and comply with these objectives too, and that’s why the expert legal consultants at Enderley Consulting would love to hear from you.

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