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  • Every strategy needs to be regularly reviewed. For an independent, expert view, we can help in that process.

    The areas we can support you:

    • Undertake a Strategic & Operational Review of your firm
    • Facilitate strategy discussion amongst partners from an independent standpoint
    • Improve your strategic and operational risk management
    • Improve your firm’s policies and obtain greater employee engagement
    • Help you to improve incremental profits per partner
    • Assist with improving working capital management
    • Work with you over an agreed period to help implement profit improvement strategies
    • Find creative solutions to the obstacles in your strategic path.

    The advantages of using Enderley are that we are:

    • Independent and non-judgemental
    • Experienced
    • Expert in the ever changing world of legal services
    • Regulatory specialists to ensure your strategy meets the SRA rules
    • Practising lawyers or have been involved in running law firms or legal teams
    • Understand the politics of shaping a strategy.

    To tune up your strategy, pick up the phone today for a free 30-minute phone consultation:

    1. London office:
      Telephone: 0203 873 1290
    2. Midlands office:
      Telephone: 01743 294 863