Meeting Your Clients’ Conveyancing Needs

We’ve spoken before about the need to cultivate high standards within the conveyancing services of your law firm, and we’ve already taken the opportunity to outline some of the habits – like effective communication – that you should be trying to prioritise. However, we previously majored upon approaches such as this, rather than investigating the more basic matter of integrity, but that doesn’t mean that this latter concern isn’t important, because, rest assured, it is.

Unscrupulous Conveyancing

The fact is that conveyancing is just like any other law-related service; you need to maintain standards of 100% integrity or you risk receiving unwanted attention from the SRA, and also the possibility of losing your clients. It’s fair to say that the reputation of conveyancing firms isn’t helped when a high-profile individual comes under scrutiny, as was the case at the end of August, when the former chair of the Law Society Land Law and Conveyancing Committee came under the suspicion of misconduct.

What You Want To Avoid

Richard Barnett’s specialist Southport conveyancing firm was dissolved a matter of months ago in January, and he is now accused of around 12 charge of misconduct; many of which relate to the disclosure of false, misleading or incomplete information, and the suppression of otherwise vital facts. Mr Barnett has come under fire for a lack of rigour within several of his enquires into potentially fraudulent activity, although he fully intends to combat the allegations that have been made against him, describing them as ‘deeply flawed’.

The Importance of Reputation

It almost doesn’t matter whether or not Mr Barnett comes away from his brush with the SRA in a good light or not; the fundamental problem is that his integrity has been cast into doubt, and situations of this nature rarely pass by without tarnishing the reputation of the person in question. One your reputation begins to suffer – even in a small way – the fortunes of your law firm are at stake; people simply won’t trust you to carry out their important legal dealings. Because of that, you should make any effort to bolster your reputation a matter of the utmost urgency.

How We Can Help

Here at Enderley Consulting, we provide the ideal way for your law firm to stand out from the likes of call-centre conveyancers, as our CQS consultants can help you to demonstrate your excellence in numerous areas. We can assist you with many best-practice decisions like risk management and client care, and with our guidance you will distinguish your firm as a first-class conveyancing practice. To find out more about our services, please contact us now by calling 01939 262502 or emailing