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  • We have been helping firms achieve Lexcel accreditation for 7 years. We have a 100% first-time success rate.

    • Do you want apply for accreditation?
    • Do you need to update your handbook and policies, but do not have time?
    • Do you have a three-year full review or AMV pending and need help preparing?
    • Are threatened with losing your accreditation?
    • Are trying to apply, but have got lost in trying to meet the requirements?

    Each practice is different and that needs to be factored in with meeting the criteria. We have worked with all kinds and sizes of legal practices and in-house legal teams, and we tailor our support to suit each practice.

    Lexcel Consultancy

    Our Lexcel consultants will start by visiting you at your offices – we will ask you about the culture of the business, your approach to risk, your strategic objectives, your management structure, and how you manage your people, clients and matter files. We will advise you on necessary changes to meet Lexcel requirements, and on ways you can streamline existing processes. But we aren’t rigid and we don’t do tick-box – we will incorporate your preferred way of doing things wherever possible.

    Following our visit, we will write a draft manual for your approval. The Enderley Lexcel manual is not available from anyone else. We wrote it from scratch, based on our own experience of practice, what worked and what didn’t. We will make it bespoke to your firm. We will advise you on implementing any new systems and controls, and provide the level of support you feel you need.

    We provide optional on-site training for your team on the key Lexcel procedures, as well as on AML, anti-property fraud, anti-bribery, conflicts of interest and equality and diversity.

    We also recommend a mock assessment, which includes a mock interview for each of your team to help them relax and to prepare them for the external assessment.

    We promise you – Lexcel will make a big difference to your practice.

    If you need urgent help, call us today for a confidential discussion – don’t delay

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    2. Midlands office:
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