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  • Do you struggle to find time to focus on your business itself and on what’s driving the profits? Do you sometimes feel like you’re working to pay everyone else, with little, if anything, left for you?

    We have proven methodologies that can improve partner remuneration significantly. This has obvious short-term benefits. It can also make your firm a much more attractive sale or merger proposition in the medium term.

    We can help you improve practice profitability by:

    • Undertaking a strategic and operational review of your firm, with detailed suggestions for improving risk and profit performance
    • Introducing lean thinking techniques
    • Assessing the level of incremental profits per partner
    • Assisting with improving working capital management
    • Working with you over a 12-24 month period to help implement profit improvement strategies

    Take a positive step today. Pick up the phone for a free 30-minute consultation:

    1. London office:
      Telephone: 0203 873 1290
    2. Midlands office:
      Telephone: 01743 294 863