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    • Have you had a partner or team leader leave at short notice?
    • Do you need urgent management support for a COLP or COFA who is struggling?
    • Are you concerned that you have a serious regulatory issue that may need to involve the SRA, but do not know how to manage it?

    We have helped a number of people  over the years, who were in a crisis. Knowing how to act is as important as knowing what to do. Fortunately, we can do both. Given our regulatory knowledge, we can help you resolve matters in a way that helps you meet the rules.

    We are also experienced in managing complex troubleshooting assignments. Some of our consultants are practising lawyers or have run firms or teams.

    We offer:

    • Seniority
    • Tested legal management skills
    • Discretion and confidentiality
    • Long or short assignments
    • Competitive Rates
    • No agency fees
    • Regulatory Understanding

    If you need urgent help, call us today for a confidential discussion – don’t delay

    1. London office:
      Telephone: 0203 873 1290
    2. Midlands office:
      Telephone: 01743 294 863