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  • If conveyancing is important to your firm’s income and profitability, then you need Conveyancing Quality Scheme accreditation.  Without CQS it’s difficult to gain access to or remain on many lenders’ panels.

    How can we help your firm achieve CQS accreditation?

    We have been assisting firms with CQS accreditation since the Scheme started and we have a 100% success rate.

    Our CQS consultancy services include:

    • Full support and project management to help you achieve CQS accreditation
    • A meeting – either at your offices or by video conferencing – to review the way you do things now and discuss any necessary changes to meet the CQS Standard
    • Our high quality CQS ‘manual’ made bespoke for your firm (or if you are applying for Lexcel accreditation too, we can provide a single manual to include Lexcel v6.1 and the CQS Core Practice Management Standards)
    • Advice and support to help you implement any new procedures effectively
    • Help with completing the CQS application form, including drafting the free-form sections for you
    • Final review of the application form and supporting documentation before you submit it

    If your firm is newly authorised or has been trading for less than 3 years, we will:

    • Advise you on the additional requirements and how best to structure your application. To avoid delays, it is essential to provide all the information required, in as much detail as possible, at the time of application
    • Draft a strategic plan or review and revise your existing strategic plan, including a business forecast for the next 1-3 years
    • Draft detailed statements of the SRO/Head of Conveyancing’s experience, your business model, your financial standing and/or performance and how you manage your practice effectively.

    What other benefits can we bring to your firm?

    CQS procedures do not apply to conveyancers alone: the Law Society requires that most CQS Core Practice Management Standards apply across the firm.  The CQS ‘manual’ that we produce for you will provide your firm with systems and controls that create a robust operational risk management framework.  This will be invaluable to your COLP and COFA, introducing consistency and uniformity, with full control over your team.  And because of the overlap, you can use it as a springboard to Lexcel too.

    Already have CQS accreditation?

    Do your policies and procedures meet the requirements of the new Core Practice Management Standards, effective from 1 May 2019? 

    We will be pleased to review your existing materials and advise of any changes needed, or to provide you with our high quality CQS manual made bespoke to your firm.