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  • Are you a COLP or a COFA?

    We know that COLP and COFA are here to stay – the SRA has said so.

    So do you have the necessary arrangements in place to meet your onerous duties?

    At Enderley:

    • We provide COLP and COFA programmes that are SRA Handbook compliant, easy to operate and cost effective.
    • We can help you write and update your risk management plans
    • We provide support with management reviews (including file audits)
    • We can help you deal with client complaints
    • We train people to work within the arrangements to make your life easier.

    Our clients regularly comment that they find our COLP and COFA documents and processes easy to follow and straightforward to use. Our approach is to ensure that the plans are appropriate and proportionate. This avoids wasting time on unnecessary checks.

    If you need urgent help, call us today for a confidential discussion – don’t delay

    1. London office:
      Telephone: 0203 873 1290
    2. Midlands office:
      Telephone: 01743 294 863