‘Bogus’ Law and Identity Theft Creates Concern

A few weeks ago, we raised the issue as to whether cases of serious misconduct in law firms were actually becoming more prevalent in society, as numerous reports of such activity were coming to the attention of the SRA. Disciplinary procedures were definitely an area that was pinpointed as being on the rise, but according to the latest news this is by no means the only unwanted development that’s ‘on the up’, as counterfeit law firms and incidents of identity theft are also showing a worrying level of growth.

The Rise in Bogus Law Firms

Legal Futures reports how ‘bogus law firms’ were 20% more prevalent in the first eight months of this year as opposed to 12 months ago, and, when you factor in that last year’s figures represented an increase of almost 60% when compared to 2012, this is a colossal rise. Several studies have been carried out to address this concern, and apparently a favourite tactic of more than half of the problematic firms is to ‘thieve’ the identity of genuine law firms using unscrupulous online tactics.

The Role of the Internet

Frequently, the law industry is advised to ‘move with the times’ and make more use of electronic and online resources, and it appears that the dishonest branch of the sector is proving to be more willing to adopt such advice than many legitimate firms are. Identity can be stolen through various means, including the use of simple e-mails that encourage people to divulge otherwise confidential data. Sometimes, authorised firms can inadvertently discover that their website is replicated almost word-for-word elsewhere on the internet, so the problem is a potentially severe one.

Combating Non-Compliance

To combat this destructive epidemic, many law firms are being advised to conduct frequent internet searches to clarify the legitimacy of associated businesses, as otherwise fictitious law firms and solicitors can easily fly under the radar. The SRA is also rigorously looking to clamp down on such underhand dealings, and because of that there’s a real need for lawful firms to establish their trustworthiness beyond any shadow of a doubt. One of the best ways to do this is to seek Lexcel accreditation, as this is a great way to display your very high standards to the world at large.

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