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  • What’s the Fuss About GDPR?

    There’s a lot of noise around about the introduction of the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which replaces the current UK Data Protection Act on 25 May 2018.  Why is it creating such a stir?  How will law firms be affected by it?  What will they need to do?

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    Top Tips on Escalating Fraud By Quill

    The well-publicised Mishcon de Reya £1 million fraud case, when its client was duped into buying a London property from a seller dishonestly posing as the owner, has sent ripples of alarm throughout the legal community.

    Closed laptop with a crime evidence bag,memory usb stick,dvd and a 'crime scene' banner.

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    The Importance of Diversity

    Usually, any discussion on diversity issues in the Law Society’s Gazette draws howls of derision about box ticking, political correctness, and overbearing regulation.


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    Strategic Options for Busy Lawyers

    Legal practice is at a watershed. Keeping ahead with a clear focus is ever more critical, not just so as to maintain and to maximise the value in your practice, but to survive.

    Same Old Thinking Same Old Results

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    There are People Out There Looking

    Looking for what?

    The answer is simple – they are looking for firms like yours, provided the price and other factors are right.

    Businessman Looking with Magnifying Glass

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